In between     7.- 15.   JUNI 2019

IN BETWEEN is a photographic group exhibition. The photographers represent different generations, nationalities, and photographic points of departure, but share a passion for the photographic language. Framed by the joint title, the seven photographers give their vision of what’s in between.


IN BETWEEN is the crack between what was and what will be. It’s the sky in the desert on the border of USA and Mexico. It’s the space between reality and fiction. It’s the time warp between child and adult, or a world refusing to be boxed up but insisting on being in between. Between sexes, between emotions, right in the middle of what you see and what we let you see.

The exhibitors are Marc Fluri, Ditte Bolt, Natascha Thiara Rydvald, Fadi Morad, Paula Duvå, Sofus Ravn Sørensen and Emilie Morgan Hemmingshøj.